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RE: [Phptest-users] german spezial chars

From: Aaron.Sterling
Subject: RE: [Phptest-users] german spezial chars
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 01:05:50 -0000

if you're displaying as html, the problem lies in the html.
try finding the html code for those chars, and using them in both the question and answer field.
an ok reference might be
say for ã you use either the name code ã
or the number code ã
I had this problem for a few special chars and this was a fine work around. It's a bit of work but it worked fine for me.
The code isn't so at fault as the way special chars and html are.
take care

From: address@hidden on behalf of ralf weinert
Sent: Sun 10/9/2005 10:29 PM
To: address@hidden
Subject: [Phptest-users] german spezial chars

hello list,

i am an teacher in germany and tried to use this phptest for my lessions.
but i have a big problem with these spezial chars in german ä, ö, ü, ß
i started to translate the language-file and
changed $charset to $charset = 'iso-ir-21'; //<--german aliasse:
iso-ir-21; de; ISO646-DE; csISO21German

also i defined in
define('LANGUAGE', 'german'); //Set language to german

but ....
is a user now making a test he didn't see the correct chars in question
and answers

things like this happend in result
*Question1 -->Frage : 1: *ö ü ä Ö Ü Ä ß
*Users Answer--->Die Antwort des Benutzers: *ö ü ä � � � �
*correct Answer-->Die richtige Antwort: *ö ü ä Ö Ü Ä ß

i tryed to understand the code of phptest, but im not as good as the
programmer and had some (great) probs.
i think that there is a sort of translation from the client to the server
and the information are stored in a cookie
maybe the encoding or decoding mak this probs but i didne find the
correct lines in the code.
the only function i fond in the code to doe something like this is


is the my prob? have i to change all urlencode to something else?

please can someone help me to locate and solv this problem?

Best regards,


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