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[Phptest-users] german spezial chars

From: ralf weinert
Subject: [Phptest-users] german spezial chars
Date: Sun, 09 Oct 2005 18:29:41 +0200
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hello list,

i am an teacher in germany and tried to use this phptest for my lessions.
but i have a big problem with these spezial chars in german ä, ö, ü, ß
i started to translate the language-file and
changed $charset to $charset = 'iso-ir-21'; //<--german aliasse: iso-ir-21; de; ISO646-DE; csISO21German

also i defined in
define('LANGUAGE', 'german'); //Set language to german

but ....
is a user now making a test he didn't see the correct chars in question and answers

things like this happend in result
*Question1 -->Frage : 1: *ö ü ä Ö Ü Ä ß
*Users Answer--->Die Antwort des Benutzers: *ö ü ä � � � �
*correct Answer-->Die richtige Antwort: *ö ü ä Ö Ü Ä ß

i tryed to understand the code of phptest, but im not as good as the programmer and had some (great) probs.
i think that there is a sort of translation from the client to the server
and the information are stored in a cookie
maybe the encoding or decoding mak this probs but i didne find the correct lines in the code.
the only function i fond in the code to doe something like this is


is the my prob? have i to change all urlencode to something else?

please can someone help me to locate and solv this problem?

Best regards,


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