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Re: [Phptest-users] phptest on Mac OS X problem

From: Stephen Lu
Subject: Re: [Phptest-users] phptest on Mac OS X problem
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 12:09:35 -0500


I checked over the session section in my php.ini, and all settings is the same as what you have, except for the session.save_path value.

Do you think there's any connection between the fact that if I use a user for phptest that has only Insert, delete, and update privileges to MySQL, I get a blank login page, and the problem that I am having?

Also, the file that I need to edit for DB_HOST, DB_USERNAME, etc is now in a file called, and not as indicated in the instruction, right?

Keep wondering if it's something really basic that I am overlooking. I've got other PHP apps running on my same machine fine, so it's something incompatible with this particular app.

On Apr 14, 2004, at 7:10 AM, Leif Gregory wrote:

Are you running this under a virtual host? I discovered that setting
the cookie lines broke PHPTest which was running under a different
domain name than what I had put in PHP.ini. Here's the session section
from my php.ini file. With this config, I haven't run into anything
yet that doesn't work.

- Simply Steve

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