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Re: [Phptest-users] phptest on Mac OS X problem

From: Stephen Lu
Subject: Re: [Phptest-users] phptest on Mac OS X problem
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 00:12:26 -0500

Hmm, I am not even sure what else to change it to, since /tmp is absolute path, and not relative path, in OS X at the root level.

But it probably is something similar to that. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

On Apr 12, 2004, at 8:44 PM, Leif Gregory wrote:

Hello Stephen,

Monday, April 12, 2004, 3:42:00 PM, you wrote:
SL> I can get to the login page. But after typing in 'admin' and
SL> '123456', it brings me back to the login page. I can also register
SL> as a different user, but try to sign in also brings me right back
SL> to the login page.

A lot of people have had this same issue. Try this:

In your PHP.ini file find the setting for session.save_path. It'll
probably have something like /tmp or other relative path. Under
windows I had to put C:\php\tmp to get it working.

i.e. session.save_path = C:\php\tmp

I'm not sure if you can do something similar on a MAC though. It does
fix the Windows problem.

Leif Gregory

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