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RE: [Phptest-users] Random answers

From: G . J . Tielemans
Subject: RE: [Phptest-users] Random answers
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 09:26:35 +0100

1. Pragmatic:
Why not make an alternative that just sums up the alternatives together? 

2. Common Sense Methodology:
Using this type of  answer and other clever question-constructions, will
bias the testscore in the direction of students with better reading skills,
instead of clean measering the subject of the test.
- For the same reason of "pollution" I reject these matrix-questions in
other ICT-tools: students think that answers brought together on one sheet
are connected: teachers are not doing that without any reason, they think..

-- Compare or correlate answers on different questions becomes then more and
more "foggy"

By creating a question that states: "All of the above" you force students to
change their normal test behavior:
Normally students can look at the four alternatives and they know that they
are constructed in this way:
- two of the answers are wrong
- one answer is half good
- one answer is correct

By bringing in this "All of the above" (also in my pragmatic solution)
students have to change their strategy:
- first you disturb them: "Some answers are more equal then others"
- then they have to do a double check: 

round first: can I eliminate one of the first three? 
- yes? Then I can elimate also "All of the above"
- no? then the answer is four!
round two: when I answer yes in round one, which of the remaining two
answers is wrong/correct?
I would not dare to say that this question is on the same level as the
normal m.c.-question 

- Instead of "All of the above" you use the true/false question for each of
the components, 
where one ot them is the combination of three and the other one is the
combination of two of the others
- or you simple ask for each of them "if they are part of it" yes/no
- their must be lot of literature "how to score/weight combinations of
true/false and 4-m.c. questions"

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Brandon Tallent [mailto:address@hidden
Verzonden: dinsdag 18 februari 2003 20:52
Aan: general phptest discussion
Onderwerp: Re: [Phptest-users] Random answers

Not currently, unless you want to dig in and modify
the code.

--- Luis Lebron <address@hidden> wrote:
> Is there a way to disable the random order of
> answers. We have a customer
> that likes to use "All of the above" as one of their
> choices. This does not
> work with PHPtest since the answers can be in any
> order.
> thanks,
> Luis R. Lebron
> Project Manager
> Sigmatech, Inc
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