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[Phptest-users] a 'more than one answer' question

From: TW
Subject: [Phptest-users] a 'more than one answer' question
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 23:18:17 -0700

Hi Brandon,

 Say, I was playing around with the scripts you sent me the other day with
your more than one answer stuff. How is the cShortAnswer field tied into the
test.php? It seems not to be other than it jumps from grade function to
score function and back to grade -- is this correct? looks like I might be
missing a variable or two you might have added? but it doesn't work for me -
but then I have a really customized setup of phptest so I'm trying to track
down the problem.
BTW if your looking for some help on this (per your last e-mail I got) I'd
be more than happy to help out. I wrote you an e-mail awhile ago but not
sure if you got it? We were having some funky server problems a week or so
ago so I couldn't tell if it actually got sent, it seemed like it.
I'll stick up a working demo of what I've been doing with PT, I think you'll
like it. Be a few days though before I go public with it.... Anyways, yack
at ya later dude...



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