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Re: [Phptest-users] scalabilty

From: Brandon Tallent
Subject: Re: [Phptest-users] scalabilty
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 06:52:02 -0800 (PST)

Besides the pictures, the database itself is just text
so it will grow to be as big as whatever amount of
information you have in it.  Even with a few thousand
questions/users/subjects etc I wouldn't imagine it
taking up more than 10 megs or so (without pictures
that is).  As for the scalability, phptest uses mysql
as the db backend, and mysql is very scalable.  It
will work just fine with millions of rows of data.  I
know of one person who is using a modified version of
phptest for his students at a college.  He has
literally hundreds of different subjects which are
used as different 'versions' of a single test, each
filled with a bunch of different questions.  It's
working fine for him.  The main problem I've noticed
with phptest is that once you start getting a lot of
results, users, groups, etc, some of the view_* pages
take a long time to load because there's so much
information on them.  I need to add pagination at some
point to fix this.


--- address@hidden wrote:
> I created 6 tests on a personal pc(windowsXP) with
> foxserv/phptest.
> I then took the directory with the tests and moved
> them to another
> foxserv/phptestmachine (Windows2K)
> Then I exported the dataset for phptest using a
> phpMyadmin-window and beamed
> it up to a phpmyadmin-window on a Redhat Linux
> server: everything still
> works fine. (I am impressed)
> What I like in this data-model is that you put the
> pictures also in the
> database, so no loosing pictures during transport.
> But this same model makes me also worry: what if I
> put all tests for all
> 4000 students (8 schools x 6 years x 12 subjects x
> lets say 20 test-sets
> each year...)
> - how big will this database become?
> - where does it live during use on my system
> (working memory, some
> hash-table, I am complete ignoarant in technics
> these days
> )
> Can you tell me a little about upscaling strategy?
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