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[phpGroupWare-users] Re: Install not working

From: Eric
Subject: [phpGroupWare-users] Re: Install not working
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 16:12:16 -0700 (MST)

I have some of the same problems, I get the same errors:
'MySQL Error: 1146 (Table 'phpgroupware.phpgw_lang' doesn't exist), nor login 
as User (Database error: Invalid SQL: select message_id,content from phpgw_lang 
where lang = 'en' and (app_name = 'login' or app_name = 'common' or app_name = 
'all') order by app_name asc
MySQL Error: 1146 (Table 'phpgroupware.phpgw_lang' doesn't exist)

I also have the same problem when trying to create the admin account, giving me 
the error that the table doesn't exist.

I checked the database itself and the table 'phpgw_lang' is in fact not there, 
instead there is a table called 'phpgw_languages'.  This seems to be a 
programming error with the new builds.

Have you fixed the problem or has someone else run into it and gotten around 
it?Sent from the phpGroupWare forums @

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