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Re: [phpGroupWare-users] Install not working

From: Benoit Hamet
Subject: Re: [phpGroupWare-users] Install not working
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 16:51:31 +0200
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Salut Pierre,

MALICET a écrit :
> Hi
> Today I downloaded and installed the latest version of php groupware 
> (
> When I try to install applications, I receive no error message, but the icon 
> on the left is a red cross and a message prompts me to re-check the 
> installation.
You can try to check the "debug checkbox" when installing your system.
This will give you more details on how things are setting up.

> When I do that, I get a message "oldVersion" (!) And I'm suggested that I 
> have to update the tables.OK.
That shouldn't occurs, looks like there's a problem with your database.
Mind you tell us with mysql version you use and php one ? on which
system ? thanks.

> Next step (red cross icon again), I checked my installation (again) and:
> The cross becomes green
> I receive these messages:
> Your applications are up to date
> Fatal error
> With a button "Uninstall all applications'
> If I try to continue, I see that the applications are installed, but I can't 
> install the lang (message "Database error: Invalid SQL: DELETE FROM 
> phpgw_lang where app_name != 'mainscreen' AND app_name != 'loginscreen'
> MySQL Error: 1146 (Table 'phpgroupware.phpgw_lang' doesn't exist), nor login 
> as User  (Database error: Invalid SQL: select message_id,content from 
> phpgw_lang where lang = 'en' and (app_name = 'login' or app_name = 'common' 
> or app_name = 'all') order by app_name asc
> MySQL Error: 1146 (Table 'phpgroupware.phpgw_lang' doesn't exist)
> What's wrong ?
Not sure at that level. Perhaps an encoding problem too ?

Best regards,


> Thank you
> Pierre
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