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[phpGroupWare-users] Re: IntraMessenger : instant messenger for phpGroup

From: THeUDS
Subject: [phpGroupWare-users] Re: IntraMessenger : instant messenger for phpGroupware
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 01:24:16 -0700 (MST)

New server version 2.0 is online...

# Direct update options on admin area (need enough rights on file)
# Summary page become a real dashboard (rate by OS, version, gender, time 
# Can choose menu position du menu : normal (on left) or horizontal (on top) to 
get larger.
# Possibility to customize client (from server) : replace title 
(IntraMessenger), 'about menu'...
# Direct database backup.
# Option _SERVER_ENTERPRISE : enterprise mode :
.... a) Main software used versions number centralisation (web browser, 
email...) : help to manage and computer inventory.
.... b) possibility to send (same admin messages) an order : stop/reboot IM or 
# Setup Wizard.
# Manage IP/PC address ban : direct add/delete in admin area (finish to edit 
text files).
# "user details" more detailed/depth, with possibility to direct ban, switch 
off... (if options...)
# Improving the usability of the management groups interface.
# Option _ALLOW_USER_RATING to allow users to rate theirs contacts. Possibility 
to allow access to average (set option to 'PUBLIC').
# Option _ALLOW_EMAIL_NOTIFIER to allow using integrated email notifier.
# Option _INCOMING_EMAIL_SERVER_ADDRESS to force incoming server address (for 
email notifier).
# Options to force proxy server address _PROXY_ADDRESS and/or port number 
# Option _FORCE_UPDATE_BY_INTERNET to force (client) update by the official 
internet server.
# Option _MAX_NB_IP to allow only a few simultaneously same IP address (zero : 
# Option _PUBLIC_OPTIONS_LIST choose if everybody can see options.
# Option _PUBLIC_USERS_LIST choose if everybody can see users list : display or 
hide combo list on client contacts manage.
# Option _PUBLIC_POST_AVATAR allow submit new avatars.
# Option _PUBLIC_FOLDER choose /public/ folder name (only if changed).
# Option _EXTERN_URL_CHANGE_PASSWORD (url) if exist, redirects user to change 
password (only on extern authentication).
# Option _SCROLL_TEXT : allow to display (scrolling horizontal) an information 
temporary small message on client main screen title (e.g.: prevent a future 
# Log nickname and IP rejected (user attempts).
# Log (main) admin actions (adding/validating/delete/ban/... users).
# Log : display date and file size, and possibility to empty file .
# Help to manage and computer inventory (enterprise mode) : computer list : 
display states : switch on, switch on, sleeping (in first col).
# Display hierarchical level in a separate col.
# Duplicates listes : computer and IP address : display contacts number (in 
parentheses after nickname), same users list.
# Users and current sessions lists : display a flag on user can receive admin 

More details :
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