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[phpGroupWare-users] Re: [phpGroupWare-developers] Goodbye

From: Sigurd Nes
Subject: [phpGroupWare-users] Re: [phpGroupWare-developers] Goodbye
Date: Fri, 02 Oct 2009 19:55:33 +0200
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Dave Hall wrote:
> Hi all,
> I will keep my message here brief, but I am stepping down from all of my
> roles within the project effectively immediately.  I have thought long
> and hard about this decision.  You can read all about it on my blog at
> If people still want to continue the project I will assist with the
> transition.  I am also available to assist with any shutdown.
> Thanks everyone who I have worked with trying to make phpGW as awesome
> as we could.
> Cheers
> Dave 

Hi all,

Dave has meant a lot to the project - and I wish him well as he steps aside.

I think this is a opportunity to get out the 0.9.18 - or - why not make it 1.0

We have been busy developing the system and update the libraries in the API.
Though I have to admit the work has been focused on a sub-set of applications -
and some new ones.

Some highlights:

* It runs on php 5.3
* The UI on latest apps (and 'property') are using YUI 2.8.0
* SOAP and XMLRPC updated to latest (SOAP using native php server/client)
* LDAP working
* PDO - db abstraction
* support for localized translations (per domain)
* php functions can be invoked from templates.
* sensitive information in is (optionally) scrambled by mcrypt
* Excel/odf - export
* Excel read
* Interlink - linking items across the system
* SMS-gateway supporting webservice (SOAP and GET) and cellular(gnokii)
* Support for Help on each function (write as .odt - displayed as HTML)
* integration with handhelds
* and more...

We have currently 6 professional developers (project based) working on two new
modules - which integrates with the 'property'-module and general accounting

1) Booking - (public frontend/restricted backend) to handle resources available
for hire - as training facilities, concert halls, class rooms ...

2) Rental - specialized module for space rental

The municipal of Bergen is currently in a pilot phase for a new organization
(comprising 1 mill m2 of schools and institutions).

The ramp up project is stipulated to last for at least two more years.

Maybe we should have a new supersmart template engine...

I propose myself as the API-koordinator.

I also think we have to let parties that are willing to fund the project to play
a role at some level.



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