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[phpGroupWare-users] Sync functionality fundraiser

From: Dave Hall
Subject: [phpGroupWare-users] Sync functionality fundraiser
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 22:01:53 +1000

Hi all,

It isn't very often phpGroupWare asks people to dip into their pockets
to help the project out.  This is one of those rare moments.

Last northern summer Johan Gunnarsson did some excellent work on adding
native PHP syncml support to phpGW as a Google Summer of Code project.
He has continued to work on sync when he has time.

This year we had to make a tough decision, sync or setup for Google
Summer of Code.  In the end setup won and Andriy Kushnarov will be
working on setup this year.  Johan came very close to getting one of the
remaining GNU project gSoC spots.

I have been discussing with Johan and others about paying to get the
syncml support in phpGW finished this summer.  There seems to be some
interest for this.

Based on the discussions I have had with people, the proposal is this.

We raise 4500USD (or about 2900EUR) which is made available to Johan in
stages (similar to gSoc).  I am happy to get the ball rolling with an
offer of 500USD out of my own pocket.  I will manage the money and
supervise the development, I will also wear some of the exchange rate

If you can't help out financially, you might want to consider helping
out with handsets.  If you have a syncml capable handset that you don't
need/use you could give/loan it to Johan.  In the case of loans, you
will get it back at the end of the project, depending on the cost of
postage, you may be responsible for the cost of sending it back.

Handset don't write code, they only help with real world testing.
Regardless of how many handsets Johan is offered, we will still need
donations of $4500.

I am confident that Johan will be able to complete the implementation
over summer.  I hope that we can arrange the resources to make it

If you wish to donate cash or hardware, please contact me off list and
we can discuss it.  Any offers on list will be followed up off list.  I
will keep the list updated on where things are at with both fundraising
and development.


Dave Hall (aka skwashd)
Coordinator - Community Building
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sip address@hidden
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