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Re: [phpGroupWare-users] Re: Various issues

From: Chris Weiss
Subject: Re: [phpGroupWare-users] Re: Various issues
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 09:17:56 -0500

I was going to respond to this, but then i realized...
every couple of months we get a list of questions like this and I make
an effort to answer them.  They always result in responses like "X
does this and Y does this" and "you should work on this".  Well, YOU
work on it.  This is 100% volunteer project, we have no funding, no
corporate backing, no full time, or even part time, developers,
bug/patch maintainers, QA team, nothing.  Why not?  No one volunteers
for these tasks.  We know the faults all too well, but we have to EAT
so things like documentation goes missing.

find a flaw, someone will probably fix it.  want better docs, write them.

On 6/26/07, James Mohr <address@hidden> wrote:

Thanks for the response. I really appreciate it.

cw wrote on Mon, 25 June 2007 01&#58;32
> > Is there a portal start page like Horde?
> each app has the ability to add a "home page" widget, so yes.
> However, few apps have one, but calendar, email, and todo do..

Horde seems to be showing information from different applications and not just 
the one you defined as home. What am I missing?

> "email auth" in setup refers to phpgw authing users against the email
> server in order to dynamically create phpgw accounts for valid mail
> users.  If you are thinking of SMTP auth, that currently has to be
> done in code and is documented on the forum.

The installation talks about "email authentication". I do not remember seeing anything 
specifically about "SMTP".

> this isn't just infolog.  the install howto linked from the download
> page has an entire section dedicated to this topic.  If you installed
> phpgw, you really should have been following this howto.

When I load doc/install/index.html I get the "Installation & Security HOWTO". This has a page 
"Pre setup Tasks" which talks about this directory. I find no directory named "files" 
anywhere in the installation package. I created the directory and set the permissons. I does not work.

You talked about "the install howto linked from the download". Does this mean the HOWTO 
provided with the package is wrong, incomplete, etc.? In any event, the link "please read the 
Install HOWTO" brings me to what appears to be the same HOWTO.

Do need to follow the steps the section "Filemanager group file sharing" in 
order to configure infolog?

> the only "core" apps are addressbook, calendar, email, todo and notes.
>  Most everything else in the tarball are just "supported" apps, though
> not necessarily supported by the core team.  Some apps are there
> because when we tried to remove them due to being unsupported, users
> complained.   I can't speak for comic and DJ, I'm pretty sure DJ was
> never "supported".

Then I say don't include them in the tarball.

> it's fairly well documented on the mailing lists, definitely not a secret.
> We are GNU project, which adds some restrictions to what 3rd party
> code we can include in our tarball.  The guys that forked ...


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