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Re: [phpGroupWare-users] Re: Trouble ticket system

From: Chris Weiss
Subject: Re: [phpGroupWare-users] Re: Trouble ticket system
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 09:04:53 -0500

have you read the install howto linked form the download page?

it tells how to install and enable applications

On 6/6/07, Theodore Goltsios wrote:

I have installed phpgw using php 5.2.3 and apache 2 and the problem is that 
while logging in I can see the installed modules on the left and configure them 
but not ALL ARE PRESENT !!
I can see that all available modules are installed but I can't use the ticket 
system (tts) cause there is no link   :?  .

Please give me your lights in order to use for my site.

May the source be with you (and become open)S

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