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[phpGroupWare-users] LDAP and batch create users

From: Raymond Chan
Subject: [phpGroupWare-users] LDAP and batch create users
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 11:20:11 -0700 (MST)

Hello all,

I'm new to phpGroupware and to the forums.  I currently use it in a university 
department where different lab research groups need to collaborate on projects. 
 phpGroupware is perfect for this tasks because it allows important things like 
file sharing and calendaring in a straghtforward manner.

However, I want to ask some advice on creating users.  I apologize if this has 
been covered, but I could not find it after many searches and reviewing of the 

As a demonstration, I created a domain and added a group and all its associated 
users manually, enabled only certain applications, and modified appropriate 

However, my department has over 80 groups which all have pretty separate needs. 
 This means I want to create 80 domains.  Is this a bad idea?  I know the drop 
down menu will be huge when choosing domains on the login page (perhaps I'll 
separate the domain listing into different pages if worse comes to worse).  

The main issue is, how do I batch create users into a domain with all the same 
ACLs and access to only certain apps?  I'll probably manually declare a admin 
for that domain to be the lab manager or the professor.

I saw LDAP in the settings, but I don't think this can apply to me.  The 
university has a huge LDAP directory where I have public read access to a few 
things such as name, university computer account userid, etc to all members of 
the university (including those outside my dept.) but I don't have super 
privileges to this directory, and it seems phpGW needs a super user password to 
the LDAP server which of course they would never give me.  Also, the campus 
LDAP does not store any passwords, so how would I authenticate?

Can someone give me some ideas?  It'll probably be something special I have to 
script in to pull the right people under the right domain, but once I have 
that, is there a way to batch create users to domains off of a template?

Sorry for the long email.  And thank you very much in advance!Sent from the 
phpGroupWare forums @

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