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Re: [phpGroupWare-users] error on setup

From: Chris Weiss
Subject: Re: [phpGroupWare-users] error on setup
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 03:06:24 -0600

you need to set the php error_reporting to disable E-NOTICE, the
php.ini should have a comment in it saying how

On 12/11/06, joey <address@hidden> wrote:


im trying to install/use phpgw for the first time. i have php4.3, mysql4 and 
apache2. after extracting, i went to phpgw/setup, but i got this error.

Notice: Undefined index: currentver in 
/var/www/html/phpgw/phpgwapi/inc/ on line 775

Notice: Undefined index: currentver in 
/var/www/html/phpgw/phpgwapi/inc/ on line 775

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output 
started at /var/www/html/phpgw/phpgwapi/inc/ in 
/var/www/html/phpgw/setup/index.php on line 65

i tried to change the permission to a+w. but no progress there.

what am i missing?


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