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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] sitemgr problems

From: Marc Grober
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] sitemgr problems
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2005 10:53:20 -0900

happy new year to those that celebrate it.

> So my first question remain : When you set up you're site (in
> admin->sitemgr->add new site), did you put exactly the same URL ? if
> yes, you should get on the first page (with the look of the theme you
> choose when creating the site) saying that you can't view anything ...
> (of course nothing is created, isn't it ?)

Yes,  though as I said I could not do all configuration as I did not have write
perms.  However, the message is not that there is nothing to see, but that I do 
have access.....  is this simply a poor choice of words? Is this text simply 
into the index page? I do not have access ot the system for a couple of days 
but I
will lok to see if that is the case,  and if so,  we should probably change the

>   why I have an error message
> > that I have no write perms to add a category.....
> That's for me very strange ... The only idea I get, is that the only
> user able to write a new "major" category is the admin user (I never
> manage to put someone else, but that's another question). When you
> create this category, you put it as published (very important), you set
> up the read/write permissions there, and things will be displayed (if
> there is something to display).
> So if you ask the previous question, there is 2 answers :
>   - You are not doing this stuff as admin user (I mean the original
> admin user when you installed phpgroupware).
>   - You have a bug somewhere in your phpgw install that prevent the
> admin user to be an admin user in sitemgr (perhaps an ACL deleted
> unfortunately, ...)

The only thing I did actually logged in as the admin was make myself an admin.
If in fact you have to set up the site logged in as admin, as opposed to logged 
as someone with admin rights that may indeed be the source of the problem.

I am going to start from scratch logged in as admin and see if that makes a 
diff. if
it does then it is indeed an ACL issue that would present issues to anyone who 
what I did.

> > to a request for an explanation of the htaccess switch in the
> And not yet, I never play with this ...

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