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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] sitemgr problems

From: Benoit Hamet
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] sitemgr problems
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2005 12:13:10 +0100
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Heya Marc
Marc Grober wrote:
Setting aside the vitriole.....

Yes you're right :)

Instead of doing a symlink I just coped the sitemgr-site directory to the
htdocs directory (see notes in wiki......) .  I ended up with an initial
message that the web site was not configured and eventually ended up with a
site index web page that says I am not cleared for access to the site.  And I
am still barred from inside sitemgr from adding pages or categories as I do not
have write perms....

So my first question remain : When you set up you're site (in admin->sitemgr->add new site), did you put exactly the same URL ? if yes, you should get on the first page (with the look of the theme you choose when creating the site) saying that you can't view anything ... (of course nothing is created, isn't it ?)

Now I DID play with the htaccess file and settings in that this is suggested in
the files.....  though not explained.

For your information, I never played with this, so I cannot tell you something about that.

At the risk of someone saying something nasty to me,  I have to suggest that a
clear and concise explanation of how this app works would be beneficial.  As I
said in the wiki,  as a newbe who has some experience in documentation I am
happy to try to put together what I can discover......  (my experience is that
often sophisticated users miss the pebble on which newcomers trip....) but it
is, well, slow going.......

Unfortunately, I was a beginner (yes now 1 Year 1/2.) and discover sitemgr with the doc under the sitemgr/doc directory ... And as an admin I get no problem to set it up. (that's not totaly the truth, because I was using HTTPS and that's not possible without a very small hack). When I see the index, I then go in sitemgr, Add a Categorie, put is as PUBLISHED viewable by anonymous and my group, and all was ok ... That's why I guess many people have trouble in help you, because As a newby I never get the same problem as yours ... But There is something interessting in what you say :

 why I have an error message
that I have no write perms to add a category.....

That's for me very strange ... The only idea I get, is that the only user able to write a new "major" category is the admin user (I never manage to put someone else, but that's another question). When you create this category, you put it as published (very important), you set up the read/write permissions there, and things will be displayed (if there is something to display).
So if you ask the previous question, there is 2 answers :
- You are not doing this stuff as admin user (I mean the original admin user when you installed phpgroupware). - You have a bug somewhere in your phpgw install that prevent the admin user to be an admin user in sitemgr (perhaps an ACL deleted unfortunately, ...)

 and I have had no response
to a request for an explanation of the htaccess switch in the
And not yet, I never play with this ...

as a sysadmin I was confronted a few years ago with a user who insisted that
his workstation was defective as it kept crashing.  He had a rs6k box on which
were hung 3 xterms.  He could never tell us much about his problem in words we
could understand so we visited his workstation and discovered that he was
running everything in full window so everytime he wanted to use wp he started
another session, and by the end of the day he had initiated so many full
versions of wp that he had locked up the entire pod.  We could have called him
thoughtless, stupid, etc but our job was to encourage him to use the systems
and to support his usage.  We rolled out a script that called wp so that only
one instance of the program would ever be started and we spent some time
explaining how to use something other than fullscreen.....   the problems
disappeared.....  though he maintains to this day that he had nothing to do
with them.......


Happy new year !
And hope this help ...
If you have still problem, you can try to set up a demo account, and give it to me, so I could look to the sitemgr look, and give you more hints (or send me (off list) a screenshot of what you are seeing in sitemgr as original ADMIN & when looking at the URL of the site)

Caeies, Zen is always good for sysadmin :p

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