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[Phpgroupware-users] DevCon results

From: Christian Boettger - Mailings
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] DevCon results
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 13:53:08 +0100

Hi all,

the minutes of the Developer Conference on March 22nd in Hannover can be
found as a PDF file at

Some excerpts:

Introducing the sync concept:

Demonstration of a  sync process
Conflict handling is not implemented at the moment
works daemon based
speaks SyncML
At present only available for Linux. But will be ported to Windows in about
4-5 months
Writing a plug in to communicate with layer 4 of the sync-concept would take
around 1-2 weeks
contact: Markus Kämmerer address@hidden, Matthias Leonhardt

IPC (Inter-Process-Communication) classes in phpGW:

The new layer provided by the IPC-Manager, enables modules to communicate
with each other. 
The IPC Manager uses IPC Classes of each module. These Classes need to map
the functionality of the specific modules
If passing mime-types through, ensure to uses standardized. If there is no
standard mime type create one. Like "application/x-phpgw-<app>"
e.g. Application/x-phpgw-projects
also see mime rfc for vnd types
contact: Dirk Schaller address@hidden

Merge 0.9.16 features in CVS HEAD and get them stable
After this, new releases are branched out of head
Merging the features should take around 
3-4 weeks (Dave), then making HEAD stable should be completed in about 3-5
months (Bettina)
The Logging Framework needs to be used in every application
Remove database reserved keywords out of HEAD
User Interface should be standardized
Shall be done by using XSLT
Guidelines for UI are already available, but they need to be reworked.

Testplans need to be created, especially for the user interface.
These need to be worked through by a team of volunteer testers

Calendar needs to be reengineered

Public Relations
There is no proper sales model
probusiness tries try to sell it is a starter package, but there is no
feedback up to now (it just started at CeBIT, so we will have to wait for

PhpGW set up a sponsored dev model similar to OpenGroupware and see what the
response is.
Single features are listed, as soon as sponsors pay the feature to 100% the
development is started.


Christian aka bofh42

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Dr. Christian Böttger                      Leiter Softwarelösungen 
pro|business AG, EXPO Plaza 1 (Deutscher Pavillon), 30539 Hannover
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