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[Phpgroupware-users] Session handling problem

From: Brett Shadbolt
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] Session handling problem
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 13:39:19 GMT


I am still trying to find a solution to a problem which emerged with the chat 

I found out our hosting service runs PHP as CGI and that I have to copy php.ini 
to my webroot and then change the session.save_path setting in the saved file 
for it to recognise a tmp deirectory other than /tmp.

Apparently if PHP is run as CGI rather than as a module, inserting a php call 
in .htaccess causes a code 500 server error, so it is necessary to do the above.

This background is just for anyone else who might run into the same problem.

I have set up /home/<user>/tmp and have changed the session.save_path to 
/home/<user>/tmp in php.ini and have also changed the path using the phpgw 
setup program to the same. I have verified that php is using my new php.ini 
file by viewing a simple php script consisting of phpinfo() - it shows that the 
php.ini file it is using is the one I created and also shows the tmp path being 
the new path. Session data is now being created in /home/<user>/tmp - I have 
verified this by logging into phpgw and then checking the directory for 
existence of session data.

However, once logged in I cannot access anything other than the main page - as 
soon as I click on any app I get logged out and returned to the login screen 
where the message "your session could not be verified" comes up in red.

Any suggestions? Are there any other references in phpgw to the tmp path which 
I might need to change?



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