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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] RE: Problems with Apache Processes

From: access
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] RE: Problems with Apache Processes
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 00:54:28 +0000

While no one should work 24 hours a day, we are a 24/7 operation so we have 
scheduled at all times.  Their supervisors like to look at "the whole picture". 
know how bosses are.  The problem is existant even if they start work at 00:00 
end at 08:00 hrs.

Dave Hall (address@hidden) wrote:
>Bart Bailey <address@hidden> wrote:
>> On September 10, 2003 Jorge Izquierdo posted a message about
>> problems
>> with the apache processes.  He was experiencing httpd processes
>> consuming all of the CPU on his system.  I am having a simular
>> problem.
>> An associate of mine tracked the problem down to the calendar
>> program.
>> It works like this:
>> In user preferences, if a user selects 00:00 hrs as a workday start
>> or
>> work day end, viewing the day view causes the error.  If the start
>> preference is changed to 01:00 and the end to 23:00 the problem
>> goes
>> away.  I have tried several different combinations of times, and
>> the
>> problem only seems to arise if 00:00 hrs is selected.
>Yeah I had a report of this problem also.  It is a boundary condition
>bug, which should be fixed.  I think it will take some time track down.
> I have logged a bug at
>If people can contribute to tracking it down, then it will probably be
>solved more quickly.
>I would suggest that no one should really be planning on working 24hour
>days, but I know it does happen :)
>> I have tried this on 4 separate phpGroupWare
>> instalations( 3
>> with Postgresql and 1 with MySql), all have the same problem.
>> Additionally, changing the persistant connections in the php.ini
>> seems
>> to have not effect.
>> Changing the Forced Preferences doesn't seem to fix the problem if
>> the
>> user selects 00:00 as a work time.
>> I have looked at the class.uipreferences.php in the calendar
>> directory,
>> but I am unsure where to make changes to the code to fix the
>> problem.
>> Any help??
>> Thank You,
>> Bart Bailey
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