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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] RC1 installation problems

From: Brian Johnson
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] RC1 installation problems
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 13:34:28 +0000

Kevin Scott (address@hidden) wrote:
>cvs update this morning 9/12 EST postgresql 7.3.3 php4.2.2 apache 1.3.26
>upgrading a .508 dataset gets this error
>Database error: Invalid SQL: 3
>PostgreSQL Error: 1 (ERROR: parser: parse error at or near "3" at character 1 )
>Session halted.
>Hitting the back button and trying upgrade again gets this
>Database error: Invalid SQL: ALTER TABLE phpgw_accounts ADD COLUMN person_id 
>PostgreSQL Error: 1 (ERROR: ALTER TABLE: column name "person_id" already 
>exists in
>table "phpgw_accounts" )

This is very odd.  Can you load the phpgwapi/setup/ file 
search for a '3' in the upgrade to .509 function (should be the second to last 

The lack of more SQL in the error makes it look like it is trying to submit a 
'3' as
a complate SQL query.

It might also be a variable and harder to spot.  The SQL is usually made up of a
number of lines in the code and something like $sql .= "";

The period means add it to the existing $sql string being constructed.  Maybe 
missing one of the periods?

>I tried this with two different perfectly functioning .508 databases, same 
>thing on
>A Fresh install (new database) goes fine until creating admin user, after the 
>is submitted I get this error.
>Database error: Invalid SQL: insert into phpgw_accounts (account_lid, 
>account_pwd, account_firstname, account_lastname, account_status, 
>person_id) values ('Default','g','f9275xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxdad1cf0ba141',
>PostgreSQL Error: 1 (ERROR: parser: parse error at or near ")" at character 
>233 )
>Line: 348
>Session halted.

Is this a completely new install or a existing db with all the tables dropped?  
looks like a sequence for the person_id (actually for contact_id in another 
but person_id is set to equal contact_id) is screwed up somehow (in pgsql 
sequences is a separate command/process from dropping a table)

Just thinking out loud.  Hope something is useful.

>This makes sense as there are 8 fields but only 7 values.  Anyways I can 
>submit a
>bug report or help trouble-shoot this if need be. THanks - Kevin Scott
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