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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Anouncement: eGroupWare fork of phpGroupWare

From: Ralf Becker
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Anouncement: eGroupWare fork of phpGroupWare
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 16:04:02 +0200
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I'm not sure if my answers to that list are still appropriate, as some might view it as an other provocation and start of new fights.

Please ask eGroupWare related questions on the following lists:

- Developerslist: mailto:address@hidden (Archive:

- Userlist: mailto:address@hidden (Archive:

You can find all these links on -> Projectpage -> lists

SI Reasoning schrieb:
It would be wonderful for those of us caught in the crossfire if modules from both projects are drop in replaceable without issue (such as anglemail).

We do not plan to break compatibility on purpose, so I think it will be possible to run phpGW apps in eGW. The opposite will be not as easy, as one of our targets is higher usability eg. by employing several java-script classes (like the popup-calendar jsCalendar) which will not be in the phpGW api.

Also, which modules where the primary interests of the egroupware developers?

The following modules are under active development by eGroupWare developers:

Ralf Becker: Calendar, InfoLog (Notes, ToDo, CRM), Wiki, eTemplate
Lars Kneschke: FelamiMail, EmailAdmin, Admin
Pim Snel: iDots template
Angles Puglisi: Email

Again, please ask these (and more ;-) ) questions on our lists, as I dont want to start a new fight.

Ralf Becker
OUTDOOR UNLIMITED Training GmbH                Telefon 0631 / 31657-0
Leibnizstraße 17                               Telefax 0631 / 31657-26
D-67663 Kaiserslautern            EMail address@hidden

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