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[Phpgroupware-users] What now for phpGroupWare?

From: Dave Hall
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] What now for phpGroupWare?
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 12:34:09 +1000

Hi all,

As you are all now aware some of our contributors have decided to fork.
 This is their right to do so.  I seriously wish them all the best with
their new project.  

I am sure this has left many of you with a lot of questions about what
this means for phpGroupWare.  I will try to answer these questions for
you.  If I have missed something, post a question to the relevant list
and we will try to answer it for you.

We are progressing towards holding elections early next week.  The
process will be discussed over the next couple of days and a list of
cantidates and eligible voters will be posted on Monday.  All eligible
voters will need a devteam install log in, if you do not access, please
contact me off list or on #phpgroupware for this to be arranged

Project Charter
As discussed during the restructure discussions during May this year, we
plan on developing a project charter, based on the agreements that were
reached at the time.   I think as a priority this should be drafted by
the new Coordination Team, which will then be release for discussion by
the community.  Once agreed this should form the basis of a cohesive
development environment.

0.9.16 Release
This will be prepared on Sunday this week.  I have several people
willing to assist with preparing the release and testing.  If you would
like to help get the long awaited 0.9.16RC1 out, please let me know.  I
think 16 is looking pretty good.  Especially the new contacts backend
developed by Step One Group and others.  There will also be some new
apps included and some nice new features to look forward to.

Firstly, I would also like to thank everyone who contributed to the
purchasing of this box.  I am yet to have it confirmed, but I think we
have covered the cost of the box.  Those of you who pledged, but have
not paid, please hold onto your pennies for now.  I will confirm the
amount of money raise and who donated in the next couple of days, the
person collecting the money is difficult to contact at times :)

The website is in need of a little work.  I have been trying to finish
off the clean up after the move to the GNU box, but there have been many
demands on my time over the last few weeks.  Anyone who has something
they want to see on the site, or problems they have noticed please let
me know.  Please do not do 404 checking for a day or so, I have a long
list of them to be fixed.

I am discussing with several people how we handle documenting our code
and apps.  I think this will be an agenda item for the first meeting of
new coordination team.  If you have docs that you want to contribute,
let us know - email address@hidden  A new doc coordinator
will be appointed as part of the election process.

Although 16 is looking pretty nice imho, HEAD has a lot more potential.
  So far I know that we have the XSLT template conversion underway. 
Sigurd Nes has completed the implementation of acl2, which will be added
to the API shortly.  I am working on dhtml toolkit for developing a
dhtml template set and ui enhancements.  The new contacts backend will
also be added to HEAD.  There are several other things which people are
considering implementing.  Stay tuned for updates.

I think in a few months we will be pretty close to being able to release
head as 0.9.18 - the last beta before 1.0.  At the same time we can't
just jump to 1.0 without making sure everything is stable and tested. 
If you have ideas of code to contribute to the next release, let us
know, there will be a role for you to play.

New Contributors
I am aware that there are some people contributing to the project, who
do not yet have offical contributor status.  This will be on the agenda
for the first Coordination Team meeting.  I think these people are
already making valuable contributions to the project, and will soon have
that officially recognised.  Please be patient, you have not been
forgotten, it is just a time of transition.  I think the following
people have met the requirements for inclusion as contributors to the

* Brian Johnson - timetrack and contacts design and conversion scripts
* Alessandro Farina - working on phpbrain enhancements
* Adam Hull - axisgroupware

Pro Business (Germany) -
* Chritian Boettger - Team Leader @ probiz
* Kai Hoffman - docs and api fixes
* Phillip Kamps - working on a new folders app

Step One Group (Mexico) -
* Edgar Luna - contacts
* Jonathan Rivera - contacts and sql_builder

Zeald (New Zealand) -
* Brent Kelly - Dev Team leader @ zeald
* David Kelly - CEO @ zeald

Sorry if I forgot anyone, please let me know and I will add you to my
list :)

Lets put the past behind us, and work together on building a best of
breeed GroupWare solution as a Free Software project.


Dave Hall (aka skwashd)

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