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[Phpgroupware-users] Mail issue...

From: River Hume, HHP
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] Mail issue...
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 14:48:11 -0700


We are experiencing a strange issue with the email app:

First a wee bit o' background...

We had .14 running (older release) and the server it was on died. We moved everything to a new machine running a diff IMAP (Uwash) and even after changing the admin (and tried the custom cfg too) settings for email we're not getting actual mailspools to come up in the inboxes, but rather 30 copies of a non-existant email from '@' with 'No Subject'. - In fact ALL mailboxes seem to be empty in phpgw email (even though they're deffinately not) - ie: the 'Trash' folder

Ive been twiddling all the email settings to no avail - and felamimail just gives me: Database error: Invalid SQL: select filter from phpgw_felamimail_displayfilter where accountid='6' MySQL Error: 1146 (Table 'pacificwatershed_groupware.phpgw_felamimail_displayfilter' doesn't exist)

(note - felamimail never werked b4, I just tried it to see what would happen - yes I configured it in the Admin tool)

IMAP works fine - proof positive: we've got squirrelmail up and running smooth.

I updated to the current release, ran setupIII and all seemed well, but the problem persists. The only slight possibility I can think of is possible db corruption, as we were unable to get an SQL dump b4 the server died; we had to just move the datafile. I can't seem to find a table in the db that even deals with email settings (except for felamimail) to try and verify this hypothesis. Is there a particular table I should look at? Is this even a possibility?

We're all at a loss at this point. Has anyone else seen a similar error? Any suggestions for a direction to investigate?

Please CC the following addresses on any replies, as I will be away most of the weekend, but my team will be around:

Thanx In Advance!!!
-River (address@hidden)

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