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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] HELP cannot delete calendar entries.. same thin

From: Pascal Vilarem
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] HELP cannot delete calendar entries.. same thing with 006
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 18:26:27 +0200
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I've already been there... the only things i can find there
(as admin) are :

Max matches per page    
Interface/Template Selection    
Theme (colors/fonts) Selection  
Show navigation bar as  
Time zone offset        
Date format     
Time format     
Show current users on navigation bar    
Default application     

i've checked twice this menu after Chris answer... to be sure.

i've also had a look into site configuration for admin email and calendar...

but no settings to send updates by email

thank you for the attempt ;-)

Nota: i've also had this problem with a fresh install and a new empty database... with just admin and demos accounts... and nothing else.

i'm very puzzled whith this.


Bob Crandell wrote:
Logged in as admin or a user that has admin rights.  In Preferences there will 
be 3
tabs:  Your Preferences, Default Preferences, and Forced Preferences.

Pascal Vilarem (address@hidden) wrote:

forced settings ??? what ? where ? how ? :-)
obviously i missed something !!!

Chris Weiss wrote:

if you have the forced setting to send updates via email then yes, that's 
the way it should be.  If you don't then therer's a blatent problem, the 
has been there a very long time so I'm thinking it's a forced setting.....

Pascal Vilarem (address@hidden) wrote:

I think i've just found... but i'm still missing something maybe...

Yes... email is installed (but not used) and i've defined the mail
server... but i didn't define emails for all users with "company
directory"... now emails are defined and i can delete entries.

Is that the "normal" behaviour of phpGW ? Am i compelled to define
emails for all my users (even if they don't have one) ? Or (more
likely) am i missing something else ?


Chris Weiss wrote:

do yuo have the email app installed/configured?

Pascal Vilarem (address@hidden) wrote:

Ive just installed (cvs checkout) from scratch with a new
empty database...
i still connot delete calendar entries...

what am i doig wrong? this drives me crazy.


Pascal Vilarem wrote:

I need help... probably something i missed stupidly.

When i try to delete an entry in the calendar... the result is... nothing

i click on delete, after javascript validation the right function
delete of class uicalendar runs :

it calls bo->delete_entry($cal_id)
then bo->expunge()

in bo->expunge()

all sems to go right till call to

the call to so->expunge() is never done...

and i get back to the edit page for the event that i wanted to delete.

Details :

in send_update() the execution stops with call to
$GLOBALS['phpgw_info']['user']['preferences'] =

in create_email_preferences() the execution stops with call to
$email_base = CreateObject("email.mail_msg");

i did'nt go further... i guess i missed something whith mail but i
cannot figure what.

phpgw version : ...14.005

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