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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] image editor problem

Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] image editor problem
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 02:54:24 +0200
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I think you are speaking about this setup item:

Enter the full path for users and group files.
Examples: /files, E:\FILES, (WebDAV)*:

and this item is filled in by default with "/var/www/phpgroupware/files"

But should files sub-directories (groups, home, users) have specials rights ? On my PC they are:

cd /var/www/phpgroupware
ls -la files/           
total 20
drwxrwxr-x    5 root     root         4096 2003-06-15 18:05 .
drwxrwxrwx   50 root     root         4096 2003-06-15 18:25 ..
drwxr-x---    2 root     root         4096 2003-06-15 18:05 groups
drwxr-x---    2 root     root         4096 2003-06-15 18:05 home
drwxr-x---    2 root     root         4096 2003-06-15 18:05 users

But when I add an image to Image Editor it is placed to /var/www/phpgroupware/img/images !!!

Pascal -- France
Chris Weiss wrote:
that path look you entered a URL in setup where you should have a
system path or something.

'path' = a system path, on the disk
'URL' =  an HTTP or FTP address.

'path' never = 'URL'

BOYER PASCAL (address@hidden) wrote:

Now I have a problem with the image editor. Each time I add an image I
get this warning:

Warning: getimagesize: Unable to open
for reading. in /var/www/phpgroupware/img/inc/ on
line 237

and I can't do any operation (rotate etc...) with this image !!

The rights of /tmp, img and images directories are 777 !!!

I get this warning even I am logged in as pgw administrator !!!

Should I create a msql user with right rights or someting else ?

Pascal -- France

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