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[Phpgroupware-users] Re: sitemgr -> manage pages

From: totschnig . michael
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] Re: sitemgr -> manage pages
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 14:29:47 -0400
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"address@hidden" <address@hidden> a écrit:

> First, Michael, thanks for the response.
> Over the last several days I've tried to install various combinations
> of phpgroupware and sitemgr in an effort to get sitemgr version 0.9.16
> to run.  I havent found the right combination.  The closest I've been
> is using the 9.16_branch for stiemgr and 9.14 phpgroupware.  The app
> seems to think it's version 9.15 in the application manager.

the version number of sitemgr is independent from the phpgw version. I
choose 0.9.15 at a moment when 0.9.16 did not yet exist, and when
this version still worked with phpgw 0.9.14, but was not included in
the branch. so this should not be a problem.

> Just now, I tried to enter Configure SiteMgr from the administrative
> menu and I get the following.  A check of the database shows no such
> table and the setup programs don't configure such a table.
>   *Database error:* Invalid SQL: select lang_name from phpgw_languages
>   where lang_id = 'en'
> *MySQL Error*: 1146 (Table 'phpgroupware.phpgw_languages' doesn't exist)
> *File:* /var/www/phpgroupware/sitemgr/inc/
> *Line:* 35*Session halted.*
> as always, thanks in advance...

the table phpgw_languages is named languages in version 0.9.14. This
is one of the few reasons why sitemgr 0.9.16 version does not work in
please tell me the exact problems you see when trying to install
sitemgr in 0.9.16.
Also I  want to add that sitemgr in HEAD has some additional features,
that should be included in 0.9.16 before it is releases, thus you
could give it a try. It is meant to work in 0.9.16


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