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[Phpgroupware-users] Re: Japanese Language Viewing

From: Larry Hansford
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] Re: Japanese Language Viewing
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 10:05:16 -0400

At 04:26 AM 6/3/2003, Guillaume Courtois wrote:
>I setup phpGroupWare, on a server that has both English and
>Japanese version PC's.  It is working good for the English PC's, but when
>the Japanese computers open it in IE (with their default language set to
>Japanese), they do not get Japanese characters, but a lot of ASCII special
>Is there some setup change I need to make to enable the Japanese language

You have to install japanese language in setup.

I had done this when I originally installed phpGroupWare -- I selected English and Japanese languages at the same time from the setup screen languages option. Later, after testing it on a Japanese computer, I went back into setup and re-installed the Japanese language.

Then each user who wants to have japanese must change his setting in preferences.

I did this for the Japanese users.

Then when it's translated you should see the translated phrase, when it's not you
should see the english phrase with an asterisk (*) (so maybe ASCII special
characters in your case ?)

The Japanese messages are not readable on the Japanese PC's after the above was done.

Unfortunately, due to my workload this week, I won't be able to visit the offices where the Japanese PC's are to do any more testing until early next week.

Then if you make more translations, please post them to savannah as a patch so it
will be available in next version !

Once these changes are done, if you still have problems, please let us know to help us improve this. Specially, the charset management is changed in 0.9.16 version
which will be out soon ...

Thanks! I'm looking forward to the 0.9.16 release, especially since this site is still in testing phase -- in an effort to bridge the Japanese office and the US office for productions schedules, etc. -- I know the users will looking forward to it as well.


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