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[Phpgroupware-users] Re: More SiteMgr errors (with versioning)

From: totschnig . michael
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] Re: More SiteMgr errors (with versioning)
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2003 19:30:48 -0400
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Hello Magnus,

"Magnus Nilsson" <address@hidden> a écrit:

> Two more errors with Sitemgr (with versioning).
> 1.
> When clicking configure (for Admin block) I get this response:
> It´s not a serious problem, the Admin Block still works as supposed to (I 
> guess)
> when I add it from Page Content Manager instead.
> The error:
> Array ( [0] => 10 )
> Fatal error: Call to undefined function: debug_backtrace()
> in /var/www/phpgroupware/sitemgr/inc/ on line 352

I am afraid, I do not understand quite in what situation this error
arises! From where do you click configure?
The debug_backtrace function exists only since PHP 4.3.0. I put it
somewhere, where in normal circumstances it should not be executed. I
will remove it shortly.

> 2.
> This error pops up when I try to access Manage Archive.
> Database error: Invalid SQL: SELECT COUNT(*) AS
> cnt,t1.block_id,area,cat_id,page_id,viewable,state FROM phpgw_sitemgr_blocks 
> AS
> t1,phpgw_sitemgr_content as t2 WHERE t1.block_id=t2.block_id AND ((cat_id = 
> 9) OR
> (cat_id IN (10))) AND state IN (4) GROUP BY block_id
> PostgreSQL Error: 1 (ERROR: Column reference "block_id" is ambiguous )
> File: /var/www/phpgroupware/sitemgr/inc/
> Line: 174
> Session halted.

I changed the GROUP by directive to
GROUP BY t1.block_id

does this help?


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