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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Scalability.

From: Michael Solberg
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Scalability.
Date: 27 Nov 2002 13:55:30 -0500

On Wed, 2002-11-27 at 11:28, Alex Borges (lex) wrote:
> Honking my own horn here but well...

Honk away!

> 1.- Will your server be dedicated to phpgw? (this means, only
> apache+phpgw in your server, database and mail apps in another, or are
> you putting it all together)
> 2.- What apps will you be using in phpgw and how (Calendar+extensive use
> of groups is a very database intensive application). Or will it be more
> of a Addressbook+calendar+mail+todo kind of thing.

Well, it'll just start out as calendar, addressbook, and todo. 
Hopefully that won't be too bad and we can add more as people get used
to the idea of web based apps.

> 3.- Are you shure you know how to make an apache scale?

The last server (cluster) I worked with had 70,000 clients and about 5
million hits a day. (To toot my own horn. :-) )

> 4.- BEWARE: php-imap DOES NOT SCALE. Youll need a substantial ammount of
> tweaking to make the whole thing work.

Ya.  I've got a separate mail server and everyone uses their own

> 6.- Apache+php in PPC has issues in the php4 session code. Be shure to
> have a test server (PPC) and test it out before rolling out.

Of course.  :-)  Everything's been working just fine.

> 8.- Talk to me, ive been looking for ppl with deployments of this size,
> ill be glad to help you out cause i know youll probably find good
> solutions for problems i didnt solve well. Two heads think better than
> one. Ill help out, dont worry, its been done and its sort of dead easy
> (at least the second time). Users will want to murder you at first, but
> theyll calm down sooner or later....etc. Dont panic, move forward.

Yay!  Sounds great.

> 6.- I wouldnt go near OSX as a server ever ever ever if i dont know
> to turn off the graphics things it has. Go check debianppc.

Edit /etc/ttys.  :-)

It's obviously not as nice to work with as Linux, but everybody here
uses Macs, and it has some great compatibility features that you really
can't get anywhere else.  Besides, I always wanted to learn NextStep.

Thanks for the info, I'm not so worried any more.  I'll let you know how
it goes!  I need to keep mysql for other reasons, and the thing I was
worried about the most was that it looks like phpGW writes an entry
every time that there's a click.  Is there someway to rotate those
tables or does phpGW automagically do it for you?  I don't want my DB
getting gigantic for the sake of record keeping.


> Lex
> El mié, 27-11-2002 a las 09:26, Michael Solberg escribió:
> > Hi!
> > 
> > I'm trying to roll out a groupware solution for about 600 clients in my
> > department.  phpGroupWare looks like an excellent solution, but I'm a
> > little worried about scalability.  I only have the following hardware:
> > 
> > 2 x 1GHz 512MB RAM Mac G4 webserver running OS X and apache
> > 233Mhz 128MB RAM Dell mysql server running Slackware 8.1
> > 
> > Is anyone else supporting a kinda big install of phpGroupWare?  Better
> > yet, is anyone using this in the enterprise setting?
> > 
> > We're going to just start out using the calendar and addressbook and
> > then we'll add apps as the users get used to the environment.  (Sooner
> > or later we'll get a new database server as well).
> > 
> > Mike.
> > 
> > 
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