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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Scalability.

From: Alex Borges (lex)
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Scalability.
Date: 27 Nov 2002 11:00:30 -0600

Forgot to mention:

1.- I tried a dual PII xeon 400mhz with all
(IMAP+smtp+mysql+apache+phpgw). Worked slowly, but worked.

2.- Switched to pgsql on the same box. Worked slightly better

3.- Switched to a dual setup. IMAP+pgsql+smtp in the pII box, a fast
athlon 1.3 ghz 700mb with apache+phpgw. Much faster.

4.- Client wasnt happy about speed yet (they are not accostumed to web
applications). They bought me a Dual PIV XEON 1.4 Ghz. I crammed
everything in there, tweaked several things (lingerd+apache+pgsql+kernel
tunning+khttpd+ugly tweaks where php-imap was fsking up). This thing
flies. I know i can cram double the users there. And still can scale to
more machines if i need to.
5.- Bottom line. Youll need some cool apache tunning stuff, id
necesarily get more memory though.

6.- I wouldnt go near OSX as a server ever ever ever if i dont know how
to turn off the graphics things it has. Go check debianppc.

El mié, 27-11-2002 a las 09:26, Michael Solberg escribió:
> Hi!
> I'm trying to roll out a groupware solution for about 600 clients in my
> department.  phpGroupWare looks like an excellent solution, but I'm a
> little worried about scalability.  I only have the following hardware:
> 2 x 1GHz 512MB RAM Mac G4 webserver running OS X and apache
> 233Mhz 128MB RAM Dell mysql server running Slackware 8.1
> Is anyone else supporting a kinda big install of phpGroupWare?  Better
> yet, is anyone using this in the enterprise setting?
> We're going to just start out using the calendar and addressbook and
> then we'll add apps as the users get used to the environment.  (Sooner
> or later we'll get a new database server as well).
> Mike.
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