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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Outlook Tool is ready for download

From: Alex Borges (lex)
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Outlook Tool is ready for download
Date: 21 Nov 2002 19:57:47 -0600

I'm part of an enterprise that sells phpgw deployments (its good
business) and so, i think maybe i should speak my mind on this matter.

1.- What they developed is not a phpgw app. Its not even a phpgw module.
Its an outlook extension (so to speak) so that it (OL) can sync with

2.- This covers a certain market. In my opinion, a small one and
unimportant particularly to me. Having OL enterprise costs the same as
having an exchange cal for it. This means that the savings in licensign
from phpgw+this module is marginal, unimportant and probably will only
appeal for little clients (not more than, say 20 OL's to buy licenses

3.- For this clients, id buy the damned thing. Who cares.

4.- There are better solutions to the palm syncing problem
(netsync->coldsync->phpgw). Its just a matter of people injvesting work
in it as needed.

5.- I dont think it is good for a community to batter companies arround
casue they are giving away a product. I mean, you can say the product is
lame, or whatever you want, but having pople benefit from your work is
part of the L/GPL license and free software as a system. Hell, the best
to them and lets see if they think this was a cool idea when we have
full GPL'd seamless netsync for palm support (all that time spent...).
And maybe they will join the GPL palm syncyng effort once a beta is out
there (i would for shure). 

6.- This support is really coming. The axisgroupware team has a pretty
good proof of concept of the thing and several key people are interested
in it.

7.- So lets end this discussion, they wont cave in. Although, it IS
important that they know that FS communities are very interested in what
license is their software using and so, may judge their license lame and
not worthy. In the end, we know what will prevail (or we are making
stuff that will or something like that=).

8.- In other words, if you dont like it, dont use it and be off with it.

El mié, 20-11-2002 a las 04:59, Alexandros Gougousoudis escribió:
> Hi,
> > Let's say that the module will remain free, but surely not open-source:
> now
> It will definately not be open source. We use the database structure of
> phpgw (and maybe others) for our purpose, not phpgw itself. We could
> construct our own, it's not so difficult. There is not so much open-source
> as you might think, since we can use Oracle or something else too as
> database. Depends on what the customer want. What we really need is the
> Outlook Integration without Exchange.
> > all of as should do beta beta testing for you, and then in the future we
> > will not be able to change the code in order to have our features, because
> > only you can work on it????
> This is the way it goes in nearly 99% of all projects. We have the work and
> the rights, we invite everybody to paricipate in the testing and you get the
> software and can use it. If you find something and tell us, we make the
> software better. You don't have to participate if you don't like, but you
> can use the software later. We need to be free in our decision what to do
> with the software, because we need the code for other projects, with which
> we earn money, pay our rent etc. We don't want to raise our own competition.
> This has nothing to do with Hamoa directly, but thats why it'll not be GPL
> or oss.
> cu
>  Alex
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