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[Phpgroupware-users] yet another update on nntp

From: Ronald O . Christian
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] yet another update on nntp
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 16:05:25 -0800

When we last left our intrepid sysadmin, he had just dropped and
recreated by hand the tables for nntp on phpgroupware, and after a
long pause when clicking on "network news" in Administration, I get...
the same 15 groups, no more.

So, upon the advice of another list participant, I went into .../setup
and deinstalled the nntp application.  I got a message that "tables
have been dropped".  I reinstalled the application and got "tables
have been created".  This sounded encouraging.

So I logged in as admin, went to "administration", clicked on "network
news", and after a long pause, I got.... the same 15 newsgroups.  The
">" and ">>" arrows continue to repaint the screen with the same 15

On the other hand, a "select * from newsgroups;" returns tens of
thousands of records.  They're just not showing up in the application.

My lab machine, which has the same OS (RH8.0) on very similar hardware
does not have this problem.

I continue to be truly stumped.  I can't completely remove
phpgroupware and reinstall because we'd lose the work we did in other

Methinks there's a table or entries in a table that are not dropped or
nulled when nntp is uninstalled, and the problem must lie therein.
But I don't know where it might be.

All I need to do is enable some 20 or so work-related newsgroups and
leave the rest disabled.  This shouldn't be that hard.

Any and all opinions (including I'm being an idiot and it's something
really simple) welcome.


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