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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Outlook Tool is ready for download

From: SI Reasoning
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Outlook Tool is ready for download
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 04:53:51 -0600
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This is what I am hearing:

the developers in germany just stamped their basic company license on the beta 
but are assuming that it will be released for free (and possibly open-source) 
but are not the main decision-makers in the company.

the phpgroupware developers are highly wary of working on a project without a 
clearly defined license that they agree with (most likely gpl). The main 
issue being that they find themselves contributing on code that may have the 
source withheld from them, as well as the profits from any potential sales. 
In short, they may have found themselves to be working on a commercial 
product owned by a corporation without recompense or rights. The current 
license, if accepted would leave them vulnerable to such a nightmare 

Get clear on exactly how the software will be used and change the license to 
reflect that. I know it is a hassle to go through all of the proper channels 
to get the proper approvals for the proper license (which I believe should be 
gpl), but it is important if you want community help and support to offer a 
clear community license.
On Wednesday 20 November 2002 3:51 am, Alexandros Gougousoudis wrote:
> Hi Dave & Hsing-Foo,
> > seems to contain more than a warranty disclaimer.  My understanding it
> > that you are only granting people a 'non commercial' try out license -
> > similar to shareware ... you like you pay ... am i correct?
> this is our standard-text for our commercial software-products. It means
> that we do not owe anyone support or are responsible for any damage. Anyway
> if you don't sit in the EU, the licence is more or less only theoretical
> for you. It's to expensive to sue you...:-) The status of the program is
> not clear, but for now it will be free, no shareware.  The betas do not run
> infinte, they expire simply we do not want any old versions around. So you
> can call it a "demo", but the release won't of course. The licensetext is
> not optimal, but we haven't another.
> So all you do if you click ok is, that you accept that my company is not
> responsible if the program erases you porn-collection or so. :-)
> This is more or less a contract which expires, when the beta expired. You
> agree to not patch the program etc to make it work again, which is anyway
> rediculous with a beta. The agreement says also that we own all rights on
> that program. What we do with it is our decision, for now we will give the
> program freely away, which does not imply that we do or we don't so in the
> future. For my opinion it will stay free. But if it is free and we don't
> earn money for it, it is clear that we are not responsible for anything and
> somebody in the US sues us for 10 billion $, because we haven't noted that
> you can't dry pets with it...:-) I hope the position is clear. So please
> use it and tell me or Sergej every bug or idea you meet.
> cu
>  Dros
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