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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Installation problem on RedHat 8

From: thorstuff
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Installation problem on RedHat 8
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 00:20:21 -0600
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Hello Chris, thanks for the reply.

Chris Weiss wrote:
doneg (address@hidden) wrote*:
I am having a problem with an install of the phpgroupware program on a
RedHat 8 machine (Using Apache 2). I have updated the program from the
CVS as noted in the "Can't log in" thread (I had that problem too.) but
when the phpgroupware starts up I do not get the Administration icon to
continue the administration process.
I'm going to assume you mean that you cna login as the admin user you created and
there is no Administration app.  This is typicaly cause by creating the accounts
before installing the apps in Step4.
Yes I can login as the admin user I created. When I did the configuration I followed the instructions on the web site and did the install apps before I created the accounts (as it seems that has to be done first in order to the next). What I might have done however was create the before I did the configuration. However it seems like that is what it does automatically when setup is first run.

While this may or may not have a bearing on the problem, I have had to
go into all of my php app config files and change the host from the
machine url to "localhost." This has been something of an issue as I
have worked for the past four days or so (off and on) to get the
phpgroupware working. But whether it is a problem now I don't know.

this isn't clear.  What host value in what config file and what probelm did this
solve?  php itself doesn't have a host value and if you put localhost in phpgw's
host url value in /setup then you will only be able to access it from the local machine.

Sorry about the vagueness of the last part but I wasn't sure it was even relevant so I did not want to dwell on it. The host name under Red Hat 7 was But that has to be replaced with localhost where it was used on the Red Hat 8 box.. Mostly this in mysql database login scripts.

Hope this clears things up some.

Don Griffey


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