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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] User poll on Timetrack modifications

From: Tony Howden
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] User poll on Timetrack modifications
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 22:07:40 +0000

Hi Brian

My .02c worth.....  (and we are only just starting to use this app so if I am
misunderstanding something, sorry)

Brian Johnson (address@hidden) wrote*:
>I just started working on using the addbook module to supply company and 
>names for the projects in the timetrack module and a couple of questions have
>I'm setting up my modifications as a preference that can be set to use the 
>module or default to the current method
>I thought I'd poll the user community for opinions on how it should work
>1. since projects could be associated with individuals that do not have 
>I am listing both the individuals without companies (in alphabetical order) and
>then the companies (in alphabetical order) - should the code monitor for
>individuals who are added to an organization after a project is associated with
>them or leave it as is?  I think leave as is

A project is conducted for an entity - individual or company - if adding a new
contact to a company then the fact that the company is the 'customer' should not
need to be monitored. However, I wonder, if an individual becomes a company and
needs to be moved from the individual section to the company section does this
impact on what you are doing.

>2. how should user permissions be handled for contacts in the addbook?  I think
>user permissions need to be ignored to avoid someone from changing user 
>from read to not read and screw up project listings

If I understand the address book correctly, entries are user owned and either
public or private. I think it needs to have the concept of corporate public, 
public and user private. Where the corporate entries are not 'owned' as such by 
user but by the system (maybe a nominated admin account) and group accessed by a
corporate group for maintenance, readonly for the rest but always public, as
distinct from the user owned private addresses which may be made public at the
users choice.

>Hope I'm not annoying too many people by posting this - our company needs these
>changes and I thought I'd try to satisfy more people than just us

I have configured the timetrack module for work and conducted a brief demo to 
key players here. The two main users of the existing timetrack system are to
examine their requirements during the next two weeks and from that identify 
or reporting requirements. If there are new things to be added, I'd be happy to 
involved with this as we will most likely need to invest some programming 
and it might as well be applied effectively.


Tony Howden
Snail Mail: PO Box 166 Ringwood VIC 3134 Australia
Alternate email: address@hidden

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