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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] User poll on Timetrack modifications

From: Andrew Thurlow
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] User poll on Timetrack modifications
Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2002 04:09:10 +0000

Bits below

Brian Johnson (address@hidden) wrote*:
>I just started working on using the addbook module to supply company and 
>names for the projects in the timetrack module and a couple of questions have
>I'm setting up my modifications as a preference that can be set to use the 
>module or default to the current method
>I thought I'd poll the user community for opinions on how it should work
>1. since projects could be associated with individuals that do not have 
>I am listing both the individuals without companies (in alphabetical order) and
>then the companies (in alphabetical order) - should the code monitor for
>individuals who are added to an organization after a project is associated with
>them or leave it as is?  I think leave as is
I agree leave as is.

>2. how should user permissions be handled for contacts in the addbook?  I think
>user permissions need to be ignored to avoid someone from changing user 
>from read to not read and screw up project listings
If by this you are thinking of restrocting certain users from seeing certain 
entries, and doing this by project/job Can I suggest this gets done by
Company/Individual. This would leave an administrator to be able to say user x 
see company/individual abc and user y company/individual cde and user z only
company c. This way is xyz are collaborating on c they can while x and y work on
other things. I think allowing users to have control is scary.
>Hope I'm not annoying too many people by posting this - our company needs these
>changes and I thought I'd try to satisfy more people than just us
Always happy.. think the apps great.. my small IT Support company uses this now 
all of sheet tracking (used to be manual). I really want to help but I am 
myself a bit snowed under right now, maybe over Xmas...

Andrew Thurlow

Portal Computing
Phone: 08 89420411
Fax:   08 89420433

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