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[Phpgroupware-users] CK-Ledger v.0.2.3 released

From: C K Wu
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] CK-Ledger v.0.2.3 released
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 14:42:35 +0800

Hello, folks,

I have posted a new release, v.0.2.3, of CK-Ledger, at SourceForge.Net.

New features include new tax calculation logic, service package,
alternate service, assembly with service components, attribute
replication at AP/AR journal screen, new icons, additional lang() calls,
log record for update to defaults table and adminbuilt rewrite.  Other
enhancements and bug fixes are also included.

Special thank is due to Marc Lutolf of Switzerland for proposing the new
tax calculation logic.

When installing CK-Ledger on top of phpgroupware-0.9.14 and RedHat8.0,
there may be a problem with login being returned a blank page with cd=5
at the url.  The workaround is to change line 159 within [phpgroupware

from, if (getenv(REQUEST_METHOD) .......
to, if ($_SERVER[REQUEST_METHOD) .....

To allow better ordering of screen menu icons, comment out line 941
within [phpgroupware folder]/phpgwapi/inc/  The
line reads, “ksort($GLOBALS['phpgw_info']['user']['apps']);”.
This workaround is provided by Dave Hall of Australia at

Please note that Konqueror/KDE3/RedHat7.3 has problem accessing the
various features of CK-Ledger,  while Konqueror/KDE3/RedHat8.0 and other
browsers have been tested to work fine under similar circumstances.
Mandrake 8.2, with KDE upgraded to v.3.0.2 also functions properly.

CK-Ledger (with 11 modules, Ledger Admin, Ledger, Inventory, Service,
AP, AR, PO, SO, Quotation, POS for Cashier, POS for Manager) is modeled
on an Open Source accounting software and runs on top of phpGroupWare.
Operating platform can either be LAMP or LAPP.  It provides accounting
functionalities to SMEs and utilizes phpgw to administer
accounts/groups.  Installation Manual and Features List are available at (Just click on the [Docs]
label at the header menu line above the brief project description.)
Please report error and suggestion to the mailing list,
address@hidden  General history and expected
development of CK-Ledger is available at the mailing list's Archive.

Wu Chiu Kay, aka CK Wu, aka CK (CK is the preferred alias)
Hong Kong

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