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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] problem getting phpwebhosting to work properly

From: SI Reasoning
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] problem getting phpwebhosting to work properly
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 03:40:03 -0500
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I worked with Dave on IRC and made some progress but also ran across some 

it requires a specific domain name created in configuration setup.
This resolved the problem I mentioned here (although there are still many 
problems we have not resolved yet...later in this email...)
Having to choose a domain name causes us some problems here. If we choose the 
domain name of the local server it works fine on the local lan but refuses 
entry remotely (where we have a firewall/nat setup with port 80 forwarded).
If we use the internet ip address, then it will not work locally (some 
weirdness when a local computer is sent through the nat, and then back into 
the nat and then forwarded. It doesn't work in many situations, including 
this one.

other issues:
we tried going to manage apps and uninstall/reinstall but it did not fix the 
following issues:

At one time I had deleted the /home/user1 directory, however phpwh did not 
acknowledge that deletion. This meant that everytime (even after 
uninstall/install) it kept defaulting back to the original (and now ddeleted) 
directory. I had to recreate it and it worked fine.

The groups that I created previously are not seen in the new file manager, 
even when the groupd directories are moved to /home. I am a memeber of all of 
the groups, and we even reset the acls in admin>user groups so that each 
group is fully acceptable to the group. No difference.

all files and directories within phpgroupware were changed to apache:apache 
and 770

The biggest issue is the first one. It force me to choose either remote access 
or local access. When I had previously left the url section of the admin 
configuration blank, it had worked fine with everything else. Maybe one could 
either allow for several internet address choices for the url section or 
phpwh could be fixed to work with the ip address used like all of the other 

After that the next big issue is getting group access to files uploaded, etc.

On Saturday 26 October 2002 1:41 am, Chris Weiss wrote:
> view source and look for "<form action=" (about 2/3 the way down).  the
> line should contine with someting like
> "/phpGroupWare//phpwebhosting/index.php?path=L2hvbWU..."
> SI Reasoning (address@hidden) wrote*:
> >Hash: SHA1
> >
> >I have been using phpgroupware for quite a while, but I have not been able
> > to get phpwebhosting to work properly. The server is Mandrake 8.2 fully
> > upgraded.
> >
> >The problem is that if I click on any of the buttons in phpwebhosting
> > (even edit comments), then I get sent to google (where it searches the
> > name phpgroupware) and the url in my browser is keyword:phpgroupware
> >
> >any ideas?
> >
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The significant problems we face cannot be solved by 
the same level of thinking that created them. 
- -Albert Einstein
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