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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Email Problems

From: Chris Weiss
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Email Problems
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 15:56:48 +0000

does your imap server need a mail dir path?  Try setting the imap server type to
UW-Maildir and set the path.  UW uses mail/ by default, exchange uses no path.

Barry Eriksen (address@hidden) wrote*:
>Dave -- You are right. I didn't have the imap extension loaded in my php.ini
>file. I thought I had it enabled, but remembered that when I was
>troubleshooting another problem I had turned it off and forgot to turn it
>back on. I can see my mail messages now, but am having some trouble with my
>folders (namely can't see my "Inbox" folder but can see my "Trash" and "Sent
>Items" folders) but that's probably a configuration problem in the mail
>server...odd though as I can see the "Inbox" in Outlook. I'll check out the
>angelmail link also. Thank you very much for your help.
>Barry Eriksen
>Hey Barry,
>Barry Eriksen <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Just installed and having several problems.  The most troubling is
>> that I
>> can't get Felimamail or even the regular email application to work
>> (properly). I'm running WinXPPro, Apache2 and PHP4.2.3 and latest
>> release of
>> phpGroupWare (
>> I'm using Mercury32 as my imap server and know that the server
>> works fine
>> (e.g., I have installed Squirrelmail separately and it works
>> flawlessly and
>> can also use the imap server fine from an Outlook client).
>iirc, squirellmail does not require imap support to be compiled into
>php, but phpgw does.
>Do you have imap support compiled into php?
>Here is how to check:
>* Create a file called phpinfo.php in your web tree
>  It should contain:
>"    <? echo phpinfo(); ?>"
>NOTE: Do *not* include the quotes, only what is in between them :)
>point your browser to that file
>In the top table next to "Configure Command" does it have something like
>" '--with-imap=some_directory' "?
>No?  Then you do not have imap support compiled in?
>> When I run Felimamail I get the following error message:
>> Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imap_utf7_encode() in
>> c:\programfiles\apache
>> on line 47
>Ok ... i do not use felamimail.
>> I've set the mail server type to UWASH (actually tried all the
>> options). At
>> one point I tried the utf7 encoding option in the "email" app, but
>> took that
>> off and it didn't make a difference with regard to the Felimamail
>> errorabove.
>> In the regular "email" application, I can see my folders from the IMAP
>> server and I can send mail, but I can't see any individual emails
>> in the
>> INBOX and in my SENT ITEMS and TRASH folders, I get a count of
>> email items
>> but can't actually see them. Instead I see the current date/time
>> (actuallythe current time plus 3 hours -- maybe GMT?) listed for
>> each email item and
>> the "from" column shows simply "@" and the subject column shows
>> "No subject"
>> (for all items in the list). When click an item to view it I see
>> the same
>> deficient information and no message body at all.
>Ok ... 2 things.  One grab anglemail from it is
>a drop in replacement for the stock email app ... and it will be ported
>back to phpgw cvs in about a week.
>Secondly ... this error suggests that you do have imap support compiled
>into php.  Compile the imap support into php would be my suggestion.
>Check out
>for more info.
>> Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
>> Barry Eriksen
>> address@hidden
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