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[Phpgroupware-users] Email Problems

From: Barry Eriksen
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] Email Problems
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 10:56:31 -0400

Dave -- You are right. I didn't have the imap extension loaded in my php.ini
file. I thought I had it enabled, but remembered that when I was
troubleshooting another problem I had turned it off and forgot to turn it
back on. I can see my mail messages now, but am having some trouble with my
folders (namely can't see my "Inbox" folder but can see my "Trash" and "Sent
Items" folders) but that's probably a configuration problem in the mail
server...odd though as I can see the "Inbox" in Outlook. I'll check out the
angelmail link also. Thank you very much for your help.
Barry Eriksen

Hey Barry,

Barry Eriksen <address@hidden> wrote:

> Just installed and having several problems.  The most troubling is
> that I
> can't get Felimamail or even the regular email application to work
> (properly). I'm running WinXPPro, Apache2 and PHP4.2.3 and latest
> release of
> phpGroupWare (
> I'm using Mercury32 as my imap server and know that the server
> works fine
> (e.g., I have installed Squirrelmail separately and it works
> flawlessly and
> can also use the imap server fine from an Outlook client).

iirc, squirellmail does not require imap support to be compiled into
php, but phpgw does.

Do you have imap support compiled into php?

Here is how to check:

* Create a file called phpinfo.php in your web tree
  It should contain:
"    <? echo phpinfo(); ?>"
NOTE: Do *not* include the quotes, only what is in between them :)
point your browser to that file

In the top table next to "Configure Command" does it have something like
" '--with-imap=some_directory' "?
No?  Then you do not have imap support compiled in?

> When I run Felimamail I get the following error message:
> Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imap_utf7_encode() in
> c:\programfiles\apache
> on line 47

Ok ... i do not use felamimail.

> I've set the mail server type to UWASH (actually tried all the
> options). At
> one point I tried the utf7 encoding option in the "email" app, but
> took that
> off and it didn't make a difference with regard to the Felimamail
> errorabove.
> In the regular "email" application, I can see my folders from the IMAP
> server and I can send mail, but I can't see any individual emails
> in the
> INBOX and in my SENT ITEMS and TRASH folders, I get a count of
> email items
> but can't actually see them. Instead I see the current date/time
> (actuallythe current time plus 3 hours -- maybe GMT?) listed for
> each email item and
> the "from" column shows simply "@" and the subject column shows
> "No subject"
> (for all items in the list). When click an item to view it I see
> the same
> deficient information and no message body at all.

Ok ... 2 things.  One grab anglemail from it is
a drop in replacement for the stock email app ... and it will be ported
back to phpgw cvs in about a week.

Secondly ... this error suggests that you do have imap support compiled
into php.  Compile the imap support into php would be my suggestion.
Check out
for more info.

> Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
> Barry Eriksen
> address@hidden
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