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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Email module error...and other questions

From: Chris Weiss
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Email module error...and other questions
Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2002 19:02:17 +0000

address@hidden wrote*:
>Warning: Couldn't open stream INBOX in
>/home/phpgroupware/email/inc/ on line 214
>There was an error trying to connect to your mail server.
>Please, check your username and password, or contact your admin.
>source: email
>called from: /index.php, index_data()
>imap_last_error: TLS/SSL failure for localhost: SSL negotiation failed

Sometimes IMAP doens't like working over localhost.  Try using the hostname or 
address.  Also, if your using RedHat 7.3+ there is a bug in the php-imap.  I 
if it has been fixed the default email app but it has been fixed Anglemail
(, which will soon be replacing the default email app.

>I also have another question.  what's is the default startup screen of
>phpgroupware?  Is the login screen?  If so, how will new users register or
>sign up?
What do you mean by startup screen?  like when you go to
http://server/phpgroupware/ ?  It's the login screen, what else could it be?
phpGroupWare was prinarily made to be used in an orginazation where an admin 
add people to it and grant access to certain areas.  Since then an app/module 
been create called registration that can allow people to create their own 
with certain defaults if you wish to use it this way.

Once logged in, the "startup" is configurable in Preferences, default is the
Welcome page that can show some summery info from email calendar and the like, 

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