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[Phpgroupware-users] Email page hanging

From: Andrew McBeath
Subject: [Phpgroupware-users] Email page hanging
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 00:35:38 +1300

I just installed phpGW 9.12, and it all seems sweet except the email page which 
just hangs after loading 6.1kb.  

I left it for 11 minutes, which for a mailbox containing 2 messages totalling 
7kb should be long enough...

I'm using pop3 and the Imap-2001a module with php.  
DB is postgreSQL.
The username/password/mailserver entries are all correct. 
I can telnet into the mailserver from the phpGW server and all that works ok.

I found very little in the IRC logs and mail lists with regard to this 
problem... except one guy who seemed to have exactly the same problem that 
posted in IRC at 13:06 on 11/16/2001.  

A netstat on the server after trying to load the page shows the usual 
connections to postgresql and also a connection to the pop3 server.

Running tcpdump |grep pop3 on the server while loading the email page returns 
only 6 packets (headers below) which would indicate to me a problem between 
phpGW and the mail server.  Now I'm stumped...

23:55:26.091774 eth0 > > 
5750+ A? (35) (DF)

23:55:26.093560 eth0 > > S 
583051044:583051044(0) win 5840 <mss 1460,sackOK,timestamp 304853780 
0,nop,wscale 0> (DF)

23:55:26.106339 eth0 < > S 
396376894:396376894(0) ack 583051045 win 5792 <mss 1460,sackOK,timestamp 
125871701 304853780,nop,wscale 0> (DF)

23:55:26.106381 eth0 > > . 
1:1(0) ack 1 win 5840 <nop,nop,timestamp 304853781 125871701> (DF)

23:55:26.121402 eth0 < > P 
1:43(42) ack 1 win 5792 <nop,nop,timestamp 125871702 304853781> (DF)

23:55:26.121445 eth0 > > . 
1:1(0) ack 43 win 5840 <nop,nop,timestamp 304853783 125871702> (DF)
Any ideas, help, pointers to the appropriate documentation... would be much 

Kind regards,

Andrew McBeath
System Administrator / Development Team Leader
Zeald Ltd
ICQ: 53879543
Mob: +64 25 796352

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