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[Phpgroupware-docteam] Delight Take control over your male body image. T

From: Vonda
Subject: [Phpgroupware-docteam] Delight Take control over your male body image. This delivers amazing results and makes your dearest limb bigger and better-working!
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 12:59:39 +0200

Fresh stuff

 Finally there is something that really gives you extra inches and extra 
confidence. All you need is a supply for a month or so! She will beg you to 
order more after you use it for a month.
 Just show her how big it is, and she will forget everybody she met before. Are 
you ready to become king among all the males around? You will right after the 
results come! Just take a look: 

Now you don't need a huge car or expensive watch to prove that you are not at 
all size-challenged.

 One of these day is none of these days. We had nothing to do and we did it 
very well  Zeal without knowledge, is fire without light

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