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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] The Flyaway Club site launch & submission contest

From: Drone Savant
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] The Flyaway Club site launch & submission contest
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 02:46:53 -0400

I just wanted to shoot you guys out an update, particular to help address the "What are you doing with the data?" question that we keep getting from everyone in the random communities. 

Here is  a small passage from the Community Fly-away Report - Sneak Peek Preliminary Teaser:

"We've had many requests for us to hurry up and get to publishing some of our fly-away data from the launch of well here is the first taste of what we are collecting. We have just completed our white paper titled "STILL Going Against the Wind:  A week of fly-away reporting in the various Do It Yourself Drone Communities". What follows is a brief snippet of the 14 page report. 


We are not mathematicians nor have we ever claimed to be and as such we will not be commenting on the characteristics of general statistical bias and sampling variability."  
If you are interested in some of the raw detail just scroll to the second to last page in the PDF for some of the raw user accounts. The raw stats are linked below. Be sure to catch the heat maps! They are pretty cool. Keep the posts coming. We hope to have some of the individual posters contacted so that we can put up a lessons learned gallery. 



Rather than sugar coat the statistics we are simply going to provide the raw data for you to analyze on your own. We have done basic vetting on these submissions and are comfortable saying that they do provide an accurate snapshot of those folks that chose to post to our site. We did receive approximately 15 more submissions that were thrown out due to invalid data. In the coming weeks we plan to contact each submitter and ask for additional detail so that we can start compiling a list of potential causes of fly away gear. 


Russell very aptly notes that “Customers do not buy quality. They buy satisfaction. The two are categorically different”. His insights into buyer perception are very telling, even decades later: “If we confuse quality with customer satisfaction, we fall into big trouble. Satisfaction is what people pay for, over and over again. It is this recurrence that produces profitability. Companies that forget about customer satisfaction may disappear. Dissatisfied customers return products (and increase service costs), don't buy again, and tell their friends how dissatisfied they are. 


Thanks for playing, best of probability, luck, and randomness to you all! 



"In June of 1990 an article titled “Beware The God Of Quality”was printed in Business Month magazine. The author Russell G. Redenbaugh had a number of profound things to say in this very short article. 

Thanks for your time and for your submissions. 

On Mar 17, 2013, at 7:39 PM, Chris Gough <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi DroneSavant.

Thanks for flyawayclub, nice initiative!It reminds me of CHIRPS, something that's been proven to improve safety in full manned aviation.
 Your email outlines how the data would be used, and I wholeheartedly approve, but the copyright matters. If only Millswood have access and it's used selectively for their benefit, the initiative is worse than useless because people are unlikely to submit flyaway information more than once.

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