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[Paparazzi-devel] Starting up a Tricopter project using NavGoV3/Booz

From: Noor Hizan Ahmad
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Starting up a Tricopter project using NavGoV3/Booz
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 18:36:46 +0800

Hello everyone,

I'm a complete newbie in Paparazzi stuff. I've built tricopters before using an RC 6 channel receiver. Now that I want to learn new things, I've decided to try Paparazzi.

For a starter, I've installed Paparazzi Center in my Ubuntu 12 laptop and it's running fine. I managed to launch the simulator and execute the Microjet simulation. Then I tried Quad Lisa/M.

Now that I need to know how to move forward. I've been looking at PPZUAV and Sparkfun but I'm confused with what I need/should buy.

I'm going to build a Tricopter (Y3/T3) and I believe that I need either Booz or NavGoV3 but I don't know if I need to buy IMU sensor if I buy any of these boards. Could somebody please help me to list down the things I need to buy as a package to build a complete solution with OSD?

I've been Google-ing around the web but not getting too much info.

Say I wanna buy NavGoV3, do I need to buy:

1) IMU sensors? Which model?
2) GPS module? Which model?
3) Modem (of course)
4) OSD, can I get those cheap ones from BEVRC?

I've been looking at PPZUAV & Sparkfun but I couldn't find a complete package for a total newbie like me to startup.



Noor Hizan Bin Ahmad
Java Developer & System Integrator
012 307 2910
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