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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Building hardware / Paparazzi Hardware CVS content

From: antoine drouin
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Building hardware / Paparazzi Hardware CVS contents
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008 00:13:09 +0100

On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 1:55 AM, Paul Cox <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm getting started with paparazzi by building the necessary hardware. I see
> the wiki has some zip files of gerbers and design files, but since my goal
> is to one day work on the design I'm looking at CVS instead. Looking through
> the "hw" directory in CVS is a little overwhelming so as a first step I'd
> like to understand what all is there and in what condition it is in (i.e.
> flag anything obsolete, outdated, abandoned, etc). I'm listing all sch/brd
> files I see in the hw directory along with some notes. Please feel free to
> add whatever notes or info you may have and I'll be glad to collect the info
> and place back into READMEs or wiki:

I'm sorry, I had not realize I had clutered with all those
test/unfinished file in the in progress directory. I did a bit of
cleaning and only left what I think could be of any use

> Mo/Yr | File                          |   Notes
> 0707 antenna/ant_2G45_air.brd - Some sort of 2.4GHz antenna maybe?


> 1007 controller/classix.sch & .brd - dual ARM board with Gumstix connector


> 0806 controller/tiny_0_99.sch & .brd - old tiny versrion (kept for
> reference?)

yes, UOA had manufactured a number of them - Roman, is this still needed ?

> 1006 controller/tiny13_1_1.sch & .brd - old tiny versrion (kept for
> reference?)

this is the latest 4 layer design - still has the old power supply

> 0606 controller/tiny_proto.sch & .brd - old tiny versrion (kept for
> reference?)

removed - think they have all disapeared

> 1006 controller/TODO_classix TODO_tiny TODO_tiny13 - revision history
> without much info on dates and rev numbers

everything in here is.... in progress
> 1207 in_progress/adxrs300_breakout.sch & .brd - gyro breakout board
> 0907 in_progress/AMI_601.sch & .brd - 1.8V reg and an I2C device? (servoflo
> doesn't seem to show they make accelerometers anymore?)
> 1106 in_progress/test_2620.sch & .brd - breakout board for some I2C sensor
> (avago ADNS2620 optical mouse IC?)
> 1205 in_progress/test_filter.sch & .brd - AD8552 dual op amp
> 0406 in_progress/test_usb_hub.sch & .brd - three port USB hub (no IC part
> number?)
> 0708 in_progress/tiny4l_18_1_99.sch & .brd - (layout incomplete)
> 0708 in_progress/vor_add_on.sch & .brd - USB to UART board (layout
> incomplete)
> 0106 in_progress/xbee.sch & .brd - board with footprint and regulator for
> xbee

> 0606 sensors/imu_3_xy.sch & .brd- gyro z, supplies, MCU, SPI magnetometer,
> 0606 sensors/imu_3_xz.sch & .brd - single gyro x
> 0606 sensors/imu_3_yz.sch & .brd - single gyro y

This is the previous version of my IMU ( picture here :
It is tested and flew a quadrotor
The new version is in the savannah svn in directory paparazzi4/hw/booz
( picture here )
wait for tag 1.0 before fab - should be soon

> 0506 sensors/ir_dual.sch & .brd - AD8552 dual op-amp with cons for four
> sensors (dual axis)
> 1105 sensors/ir_single.sch & .brd - AD8551 op-amp with cons for two sensors
> (single axis)
> It may make sense to move much of the files from in_progress somewhere else.

everthing not under "in_progress directory should be safe to build,
using the last revision when sevral are available

> Maybe create a "complete" directory for the designs that are considered safe
> to fab, and an "archive" directory for things that have been abandoned or
> superceded by some better design.
> The wiki shows the most popular current hardware is Tiny v2.11, TWOG v1.00,
> IR, IMU. Please let me know if I should build these using the following
> files from CVS or if someone has more recent files:

tiny2 and twog are designed using protel and CAD files distributed in the wiki
> Tiny v2.11: in_progress/tiny20_1_2.sch & .brd (I will add gnd and pwr planes
> for good design practice and reduction of noise, and probably a footprint
> for XBeePro)

tiny4l_18_1_99.sch/tiny4l_18_1_99.brd were an attempt to design a
4layer tiny2 with eagle. It never got finished, shematics is more or
less complete - I was changing placement to introduce an analog
groundplane when I stopped working on it. Feel welcomed if you want to
finish it.

> Any other hardware that I should build while I'm at it? Also, I see some
> brushless DC motor controller designs, can anyone comment on how well those
> worked?

For brusless controllers, I would suggest using mikrokopter CAD and code



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