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[Paparazzi-devel] Using GCS alone

From: Yoann CONGAL
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Using GCS alone
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 11:26:37 +0200


As I said few weeks ago, I'm trying to use paparazzi to display
information from an UAV. A big part of the computing is done in the
UAV which transmit to ground only infos like GPS position, attitude
and speed. These infos are ready to be displayed in the GCS. I think I
don't need the paparazzi "server" because my data are already ready.

Here is what I want to do : Use my own software to handle the
communication with the UAV. This software would "talk" with the GCS on
the Ivybus.

Do you think it's possible?

I already studied the Ivy protocol used in the simulation.
I'm using an up-to-date CVS version.
Here is what I understood  and tried with Ivyprobe : (GCS is launched
from a terminal. Paparazzi-home and paparazzi-src environment
variables are '/home/congaly/paparazzi-src/paparazzi3')
When launched, GCS send a AIRCRAFTS_REQ message on the Ivybus with a
number (randomly chosen I guess)
Ivyprobe> Paparazzi GCS sent  'gcs 17878_1 AIRCRAFTS_REQ'

My soft will have to awnser "random_number_1 ground AIRCRAFTS ,"
Ivyprobe> IVYPROBE sent  '17878_1 ground AIRCRAFTS ,'

Then, a NEW_AIRCRAFT message with the ac_id
Ivyprobe>IVYPROBE sent  'ground NEW_AIRCRAFT 10'

Ivyprobe> Paparazzi GCS sent  'gcs 17878_2 CONFIG_REQ 10'

My soft has to send the XML config files : (These XML files work fine
in the simulator launched from paparazzi center)
Ivyprobe> IVYPROBE sent  '17878_2 ground CONFIG 10
blue MYAC'

Then, GCS throw an error and exit : Fatal error: exception
Failure("float_of_string"). I get this behavior with default XML files
(MJ5 airframe, and the basic flight_plan)

Do i have something wrong? Or it's just not possible?

It may be not related but I get the same error when I'm trying to edit
a flight plan in GCS. GCS works fine when launched with the simulation
from the paparazzi center.




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