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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] LiveCD and Berg 4L Modifications

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] LiveCD and Berg 4L Modifications
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2007 05:29:19 GMT


I recommend that you do a full debian install for best performance and 
configurability.  The Tiny has some camera code already written, a 
function to control 5V power to the supply pin, and another function 
to switch a GPIO pin high/low.  One or the other should work for you, 
though you may want to modify the code slightly to make the 
action "momentary".

The photo for the Berg does not yet exist - I plan to take a picture 
next time I have one of the receivers out of a plane.  The wiring is 
quite simple though, just attach a wire to the very corner pin of the 
IC on the corner of the board nearest the servo headers.


-- "John Koches" <address@hidden> wrote:
First, thanks for taking the time and sharing your experience.  Your 
advice has made this process much easier.  

We have nearly finished the Tiny board and have begun testing the 
cpu.  We have some problem with the power supply which I think we will 
be able to figure out.

I have downloaded the LiveCD image and have started to look at the 
simulations provided.  Is there any additional help, like a users 
manual that is out there somewhere and I just haven't found it yet?  
We don't use Linux around here so I am basically starting from scratch 
when it comes to modifying your xml and C scripts.  I have an on board 
camera that uses an infrared emitter to activate the shutter.  I think 
I will need to add this to your code in order to get it to work 
through the pcb.  Is this something I can do with the LiveCD or am I 
going to have to load the full Debian package?

I have just ordered a Berg 4L Receiver.  I noticed that the picture 
you had up under the "Other_Hardware" page is no longer posted 
(berg4l.jpg).  I think I saw it somewhere, but can't find it in any of 
my hardcopy.  Are you able to share how the receiver is modified?  

Thanks again for your continued support!!


John K. Koches
Associate Research Scientist
Information Services Center
Annis Water Resources Institute
Grand Valley State University

Lake Michigan Center
740 W. Shoreline Drive
Muskegon, MI 49441


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